[NA West] [Bergstrom] - Derp Bridage Recruiting Closed

Recruiting is CLOSED, we are an official sister guild with ‘Dingus’. Please see their guild recruiting posts for more information

Guild Name: Derp Bridage

Region: NA West
Server: Bergstrom

Language: English
Content Type: PVX (Mainly PVE)

Timezone: North America/PST (We are based globally though)


Derp Bridage is an active guild looking to do high-level content. We’re hoping to find people who will have fun meeting the other members, raiding, and just playing the game. We have fun playing the game, but we want to elevate the experience by having a whole community of people to play with and talk to. If you’re looking to build and be part of an active community, please join! We’d love to have you.

tldr: We’re looking for players who want to make friends and build a home within Lost Ark.