NA West Bergstrom Discord (600 members / 30+ guild masters)

Welcome to home of Bergstrom

600+ members with 30+ Guild masters gathered here.

What we offer:

  1. merchant tracker notification (pings you when there’s Wei card, legendary rapport items and many more, depends on which role you pick)

  2. maps run

Many more stuff like guides, tips, tools to help you progress in game :sunglasses:

Also, House of over 30 guild masters that you can select and join :slight_smile:

Invite link below

We have over 130 members now :hugs:

bump :slight_smile:

We have over 250 members now :slight_smile:

We just hit 300 members mark

hitting that 350 mark :slight_smile:
come join us :smiley:

i’m 1380 striker, looking for a guild. play about 3 hrs a day after 6 pm. Just wonder if we’re still recruiting?

we have more than a dozen of guild masters in this discord. Check out their recruitments and see which one is suitable for you to join. :slight_smile: See you in discord

we just hit 400 members :hugs:

430 members :smiley:
Come join us bergstroms!

450 members :wink:

530 members now, with more than 30 guild masters in here!

600 members