[NA West - Bergstrom] Tigerblood Warlocks Looking for 30 years and older players

Looking for active players. Much prefer people over 30 years old. If you are an active daily player please apply. Would be nice if you can get on discord with us as well.

Any questions please ask!

Enjoy the game.

what timezones are you guys active in oce player here been in a few dead guilds gets old lol

Most people are on the west coast that I play with. I am on east coast but a night owl. Right now there are only a few people on discord and we are trying hard to build the guild up. would be really cool to get some more people on voice chat and do some raids together. Any more questions please ask. As for myself I play pretty much all day. I just got done with surgery recently so I have nothing else to do really.

We have removed some inactive players and have room for people who want to make a great guild together!

do i need to add you on discord first or go on a wait list

Hey DemiAragorn. Just go to community, then guild and search for Tigerblood Warlocks. Then ask to join.

Here is a more descript answer…

" To join a guild, players must first go through the tutorial and make it to the city of Prideholme. Once there, a new button will be available in the bottom right of the UI called Community. Clicking that and then selecting Guild will bring up a window of guilds recruiting, and the option to create a guild. If a player is looking for a specific guild, they are able to search based on the name.
Request will send a request that must be approved by the Guild Master. "

DemiAragorn, about discord. It would be awesome if you joined our Discord as well but you don’t have to. If we want to do dungeons together and all it is really helpful. A few of us are on there quite often too and just chat while casually playing as well.

ok kool ill join next week if u like im moving house this weekend an wont be on much till thats done or i can join now just a heads up in advance about the move

ok np done

Welcome DemiAragorn!!! Awesome to meet you man.

Seems like we’re getting to more players who intend to stick with the game for a while. If that’s you too, and you’re looking for a level 3 guild, check us out.

Let’s go you all! Got some spots open right now! We are becoming a pretty good guild!

We just hit Level 4 Guild! Still got some spots open right now.

few spots open

Clan is getting pretty active. Join a great friendly community!

we are about done cleaning house, removing the inactive players. So more spots open for now.

bump - got some more spots

Level 5 guild now, let’s go!

someone asked me if you HAVE to to 30 and you don’t if you don’t mind being with an older crowd. A lot of us are in our 40s and 50s. We have a blast so hit us up!

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bump for a great guild