NA West Competitive Queue

How is waiting 30 minutes+ for one competitive match ok @Roxx ?
Screenshot 2022-05-13 144331

Updated 45+ minutes still nothing
Screenshot 2022-05-13 144331

PvP is pretty dead in this game unfortunately.

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A lot of players just stopped queueing ranked and only queue unranked due to the queue bug. Queue fails returning player to list continually when trying to queue ranked, never happens queueing untanked. This has been the experience i and 5 of my buds that play LA so we just all queue unranked.

XD and me complaining with 10 min in SA XD, it seems that in the end the Americans couldn’t take it anymore with the DB, Bards and Paladins coff coff crystals coff coff

Americans just don’t put up with bad games, which this is. It’s CLEARLY imbalanced. The US likes team games or at least the OPTION to play team games.

I went from 1500 to 1100 to 1900 to 1600. The matchmaking is shit, the balance is shit (look at the leaderboards, facts) lack of team play is shit, no voice communication to make up for lack of team play is shit.

I actually like the combat, everything else, IS SHIT.

To make it worse, AGS is our mouthpiece to the DEVS, LOLLO0OLLL. Nothing will get accomplished. Good thing V Rising is out soon.


Let not turn this discussion into a racist one please. If your statement was even remotely true BFA and Shadowlands wouldn’t exist but they do… People have different points of view no matter from which country they come from. So if you want to state your own opinion thats perfectly fine, but shifting it to nationality in such inappropriate way will not lead to anything productive in my opinion

I didnt bring race into as Americans aren’t a race…

Furthermore it was in response to the post above saying Americans can’t take op classes.

I guess its news to you that east and west have different feelings towards games. Casino grind vs guilded rng drops.

I didnt lived in a cave last decate mate , i am perfectly aware of the different taste of east and west. My point was that west is not only americans as it sounded from your post and there is no such thing as “Americans just don’t put up with bad games,”. The west put up with bad games just as much as the east , just our bad games are different from their bad games, but that does not make thier games worse than ours nor the opposite.