[NA West - Enviska] 🍥 Cake Fleet🍥 - lvl 15 | Mostly PvE - Level 5 Guild Shop Max - English

Hello! Cake Fleet is an active fun/casual gaming community! We play a variety of games from FFXIV to Genshin Impact! We have experience in leading through community events/raiding. We don’t sell cake, but we are more than willing to sell pie. New and or inexperienced players are more than welcome! If you want a chill place to join for gaming, then this is the guild for you!

we have

  • A mix of active casual and semi-hardcore members
  • Top 3 placements for GvG sieges; currently 1st in Snowpang
  • Players with multiple Valtan/Vykas normal and hard mode characters (gunlancers and bards in particular)
  • Plenty of alts to go through p1/2/3 Argos
  • lfg and merchant bots for Discord pings (for opt-in roles)
  • Large Discord community for chitchatting or help
  • Lvl 3 Discord server == plenty of emotes (that you can steal… shhhh)
  • Other games covered, too! (Honkai, Genshin, Arknights, Epic Seven, FF14, and more)
  • Bi-weekly game nights and movie watchalongs


  • ilvl 1370+
  • Active players that can participate in some guild siege/raids!
  • Willing to join voice chat (at least to listen for raid shotcallers; no mic required)
  • Be respectful to others


Alternatively, you’re also welcome to just join our Discord to chat, even if you don’t join our guild.

The Discord invite link!






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