[NA West-Enviska] Deminimus Moralis. Recruiting 1415+. Progression guild. Active discord. Organized. Non-toxic. Pushing towards GvG content. Static's Weekly

               **Will be updating information Weekly after resets**

Hello there! My name is Trickyfates, but you may call me Tricky! I’m actively recruiting for players to join the guild. I (and my officers thus far) love teaching and are patient. Above all else what matters to us is quality, not quantity. So whether your a fresh new mokoko and just starting your journey or a hardcore player like me we welcome you!
We are currently a level 14 guild With guild shop level 5 and Bloodstone distribution increase to 8500! 60% stone rate to guildies.
We are looking for players of ilvl 1415+. We also have no issues with guild merging for those who want a active guild, but don’t want to leave their friends. We can come together as one and make one hell of a community.
We have a active and plentiful resource discord up and running with guides, tips, and resources to help new and vet players alike. We update and adjust the discord information as we progress, but why am i telling you this? Stop on by! the link is Deminimus Moralis I have the discord set up so you can view what it has to offer, but without any damage done so you trolls out there best of luck :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  • 18+ guild with exceptions based off mentality and maturity.
  • We are a PvX guild, we are ramping up now to start doing GvX events for the guild, that being said if you aren’t a pvper, unlike me, no worries. Will not pressure people to do content they don’t enjoy. Current research will be heavily focused on getting the GvX buffs complete. We are also starting to do skrims on Friday nights at slime island to get everyone comfortable with it.
  • We currently have 50/59 slots taken i have my 9 alts pushing the guild’s level but we are getting more and more people. Many people and interacting with the guild almost daily! We have already decided who’s alts will go to the alt guild first so don’t worry bout space! Rule for characters in the guild once at capacity will be each person may have 1 Main and 1 Main-Alt.
  • Primary source of communication is discord. I don’t enforce activity in the discord but just to be registered with it so you can keep up to date with guild operations as well as what is going on.
  • We are constantly updating and organizing the discord to work best for players of all iLvL and love input.
  • Everyone has a voice. each week on Monday i start polls for guild tasks, trying to coordinate raid statics, dungeon runs, weekly tasks and what research we would like to research, But understand you will never have a perm static with the guildies. I want everyone to meet everyone and learn and help everyone. So people will rotate around within the statics. That being said certain people may run the hardest of content together the first few times so we may teach others.
    *We do training runs every other weekends for raids… This involves learning the fights, pushing new frontiers, doing no cheese runs (true runs), When we are not in a training weekend we will be hosting workshops over classes, gold generation, do’s and don’ts, Progression and what the guild wants and need to know the gritty details of. We run Argos, Valtan NM & HM, Vykas NM & HM weekly with every other week being training runs of Valtan NM and Vykas NM & HM.
  • Rules are very simple. Be active. Inactivity for longer than a week without notice will mean discharge. Be respectful. Read and understand all the rules i have listed in the discord, as i enforce them very harshly in regard to the racism, bigotry, sexism and well really any of the being a horrible human being. We all joke but if you don’t know everyone you are talking to act as you would if you are in someone’s home you respect.
  • We currently are in search of DPS/GL mains. Funny enough we have many supports and people who have support alts. Sadly we have bigger need for T3 DPS/GL mains so as of now we are not accepting new supports under 1445+

Send a request ingame, discord or on here and i will answer any questions you may have. If sent via in game through the Guild UI once i see your name i will send you a letter and communicate with you, or just join the discord channel and shout out to me! Deminimus Moralis

We’re actively trying to create a fun, and easy-going community. A place to chill, learn, theory-craft, kick-back and relax but still progress your character and your account in a non-toxic environment. If you find your guild is stagnating, come check us out on Enviska!

We are still actively recruiting. Come join us no matter your ilvl. We are not many yet, but of those we have we are all friendly and helpful to one another. :smiley:

Level 4 Guild Shop 24 hours away! Looking for people looking who want a progression guild that does not have a ton of insane requirements but is still organized, active, and growing. We want more core guild members! Hit us up in Discord!

Level 9 guild, several slots open! We’re looking for DPS mains (we have lots of supports!). Whether you are a newer player looking to learn Argos P1 - P3 or Valtan or a 1450 player looking to learn Vykas and beyond. Come chill with us. We’re starting to have regular weekly raids giving you the opportunity to rotate into group content and not get chewed out by random x or y elitist. Get into our Discord and come check us out on Enviska!

Level 5 guild shop complete! If you are a new player ready for progression or going on 1415+ player looking for a guild that’s not dead, come check us out on Enviska! Looking for DPS mains of all sorts!

We are still actively recruiting. If you want a non toxic group of people willing to teach anyone and seeing on the weekends 20+ people in discord and online come join us. We always looking for active players.

If you’re looking for an active guild on Enviska come check us out!!!

We are doing well so far. I update this post weekly. So information thats in the post is accurate as of Wednesday. If ya got any questions feel free to ask or hope in the discord and ask there. We are active and have full groups of Valtan and vykas running each week and with every passing week more and more of the guild is coming to ilvl for the content. Look forward to hearing your response.

Enviskans come check us out!

Is your guild dead or dying!>!>?!!? Come check us out! We welcome players interested in progressing their accounts and participating in guild events! Ambitions to get in to the Guild PvX scene, but we need you!

WE are still very actively recruiting. Is your guild dead or dying? are you wanting to learn mechanics and content, while also being taught in a no toxic environment? come join us either in the discord and say hi or Msg Trickyfates in game.