NA West - Enviska - Level 14 <Best> Guild is recruiting!

Warm greetings from the Guild. We are actively recruiting to fill our roster with players with a positive resilient attitude, and commitment to excellence and distinction both in-game and in-person. Our guild has an active core roster of roughly 15-20 1460+ players who are currently dedicated to the long term goal of clearing frontier content on day 1.

Guild Name: Best
Server: NA West - Enviska
Guild Level: 14
Level 5 Guild Shop
Language: English
Time zone: PST/PDT, North American time zones preferred. Voice chat is usually most active after 5pm PST/PDT

General Information:

  1. PvE - We have over 4 static groups that routinely “Bus” Argos P3, Valtan, and content at public request. This generates 8-20k extra income weekly for players involved - we would be happy to add you to our endeavors. Our short term goal is to fill two STRONG static groups for Vykas release.
  2. GvG - We are actively creating a strong GvG core for PvP island content. Our expectations include having a dedicated Island GvG build, as well as a 1460+ gear score and basic mechanical skill (ie. Diamond/equivalent+ in League/HoTS/DOTA level)
  3. Guild involvement - Our contribution level is set to 250 currently - with the ability to distribute up to 8k Bloodstones weekly.

Looking forward to building a bright future together with you - Best (discord link) - PM Officers for a join request.



Is there any way I could get a link to your discord?

Bump, Discord links are provided via PM. Either PM me or leave a post here and I’ll send you a PM.