NA- West Enviska Level 8 guild hiring

Guild : Bunny Ranch

Guild Level: 8 (level 4 guild shop)

Server: NA-West (Enviska)

iLeveL: 1370+

Language: English, 中文

About Us:

Bunny Ranch is a friendly semi-tryhard guild dedicated to create a fun and cheerful community. We do weekly scheduled raids for Argos and all other abyssal dungeons for main and alts. (We do have a secondary guild* for member’s alt to add and will be able to receive help for their progression) . We also have an active discord where our members help each other out, and post various helpful resources including Wandering Merchants.

If you’re a long term active player who is seeking for a friendly community, DM me with your info !

Secondary guild* : BIg Deeks. For members alts to join, if you are looking for a more casual environment, feel free to join!

:heart:What We Offer: :heart:

Some of offerings but not limited to:

:heart:Multiple 1385+ members

:heart:Guild Shop Lv 4

:heart:High Bloodstone Rates +

:heart:Consultations, Guides and Designated Helpers, useful tips and tricks.

:heart:Weekly Set Abyssal and Raids (Also for members alts)


:white_check_mark: Mains

:white_check_mark: Discord (text or voice)

:white_check_mark: Daily Contribution

:white_check_mark: iLvl 1370+

:white_check_mark: No more than 2+ days inactive