[Na West- Enviska ] Lumpia Gang lv l 15 1400+ Chill /Casual

If you have a life this is the guild for you !

Guild Name: Lumpia Gang

Server: Enviska NAW

Language : English

Guild Level : 15

Guild Shop: Max

Requirements Needed:

Join our discord

Item lvl 1400+

Sign up for Legion Raid ONCE a week or must lead a run with your OWN availability at the google sheets. No participation after 3 weeks will get you removed from the guild.

Players with 5 days inactivity will get you removed. (exceptions to players on vacation that gave notice)

No solo players in the guild. Great if you are but I want more of team players in here either needing help or helping out when they are free.

0% contribution on the guild is a no no. Other than that it can be as low as 1% . Very simple, do stuff to get bloodstones for yourself but its not required here.

One character per person in the guild (Main or alt) but, you can have as many characters you want to sign up on raids though to do with the guild.

We are semi casual , active guild looking for chill players that want to do raids and grow within the guild. Newcomers are welcome here and we do multiple runs for raids weekly. Different schedules depend on the availability of players. Argos to Vykas hard runs within the guild are scheduled weekly.

Dm on discord or join the discord below -Janel#6573