[NA West - Enviska] Momentum - lvl 18 guild

Region: NA West
Server: Enviska
Language: English
Focus: PvX
Guild Level: lvl 18

is seeking individuals who want to progress into the endgame content in efficient and timely manner in an organized environment. The guild has been around since day 1 and we have 6 solid static groups one of which is doing Hell mode. Additionally, we have been competing for the top GvG and GvE spots on the server taking number 1s multiple times. As a guild, we’ve played a number of games together some of which include New World, Path of Exile and World of Warcraft always focusing on improving ourselves and people around us. Outside of competitive environment you’ll often find us just hanging out in discord and talking about random stuff. So far we’ve met a lot of great people and friends playing this game and would like to continue expand our community.

What we offer:
:small_blue_diamond: 6 static groups
:small_blue_diamond: Alt NM Valtan, Vykas and Argos runs
:small_blue_diamond: Daily Guardian for mains and alts
:small_blue_diamond: GvG and GvE participation
:small_blue_diamond: Active in-game and discord community with only mains in the guild

:small_orange_diamond:1460 ilvl+ DPS for a static group
:small_orange_diamond:1460 ilvl+ Support for a static group
:small_orange_diamond:1460 ilvl+ PvPers that want to participate in GvG

Please send me a PM (Nex#9051) if you have any questions or would like to join the guild.

Still have room I have a 1375 sharpshooter a 1373 paladin

Yes, add me on discord and we can chat more!


1395 Deathblade 4 lvl 3 engravings (Grudge, Cursed Doll, Surge, Adrenaline) looking to join.

Bump. We’re about to hit lvl 9 and looking for couple more supports and a gunlancer.

Bump. Looking for a 1400+ gunlancer for a static team.

Bump. Still looking for 1400+ gunlancer for a static team. We’re also opening couple spots for 1415+ DPS and 1385+ supports.

Bump looking for active 1400+ players!

Bump we recently hit 11 and have couple more spots!

LF 1425+ Support for Hard Valtan static team. Send me discord msg if interested

Bump we’re opening our roster again.

LF 1445+ support and dps for a hard static valtan group
LF 1430+ active players

Bump still looking for supports for static teams. Reach out if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Bump LF:

:small_orange_diamond:1445 ilvl+ gunlancer or destroyer for Valtan HM static group (will take people from different realm!)
:small_orange_diamond:1445 ilvl+ non sorc or berserker DPS for Valtan HM static group

Bump still looking for peeps for static team. MSG me on discord Nex#9051 if interested :slight_smile:

Bump looking for 1460+ dps for a static team with a flexible schedule to go into Vykas. PST if interested.

bump still looking for DPS :slight_smile:



Bump LF 1460 ilvl+ Artillerist, Gunlancer or Destroyer with a flexible schedule for a static team