[NA West - Enviska] [PvE] <Exterminatus> is Looking for Mature Players!

Quick Info
Server: Enviska
Active Times: Evenings PST/CST
Focus: Casual Play and Group PvE
Age Range: Mid-20’s to 30+

is a MidCore Guild on Enviska aimed at the 30+ year old, mature crowd. We all have jobs, family, and other commitments but still want a place to talk, quest, and do endgame content together.

We currently have one Static Group forming for Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons with more available as we grow. We also have Players on during the evening hours for pickup content and plenty of people willing to help new 50’s find their way in Arkesia!

If you’d like more information please whisper Gazeye in-game, search for Exterminatus in the Guild Directory in-game, or check out our Discord: Exterminatus


Move it up

Moving up further!

IGN: Teloo. Support paladin. Would love to join like minded players.