[NA - West] [Enviska] Specter /Active and Social Mains

Name: Specter

Region: NA West - Enviska

Language: English

Guild Level: 21

Our guild is looking for active and social main characters to join our main guild - alts need not apply. We are looking to fill them with very active, dedicated and social players wanting to hang on Discord and raid with.

Our Community

Specter is an active, social and mature (18+) guild for all players. We aspire to be a non-toxic gaming culture, having fun is our ultimate goal. We want to build an active and fun community on this game, please join us if you have found a passion for Lost Ark and enjoy good laughs while raiding.

We run Argos, Valtan, and Vykas as a Guild, and GvE- weekly. Statics for Brel. Kakul on request.

We own 4 alt guilds for your alts and/or lower ilevel or less active members to join.

We teach and carry our lower ilvl members through content. Hold learning raids every now and then.

Anyone is welcome to join the community. We even accept players outside of Enviska. We currently have players from Mari, Bergstrom & Valtan.

Members need to be willing to run content together, communicate in Discord and be active. Having a mic isn’t required to join VC, you can come hang with us!

Our time zones are based around PST/MST, though we do have few members that are OCE/SEA timezones as well.

Guild Expectations

Maintain a reasonable level of activity, and advise us if you will be absent for a prolonged period of time.

Be present in Discord. This is where we have message alerts and everything you need to have fun in the guild.

We are lax on guild contribution which is at 200 to obtain bloodstones. We do run GvE on Saturday at 8pm PST.

Shoot me a DM if you have any questions and if any of this sounds like where you want to be, you can apply by joining our discord: Specter





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