[NA - West] [Enviska] Specter/LV 9/Active and Social Mains

  1. Name: Specter
    Region: NA-WEST (Enviska)
    Language: English
    Guild Level: 9 (10 after reset)
    Looking for active and social Tier 3 main characters - alts need not apply

Our Community: Specter is an active, social and mature (18+) NA-West PvX guild for all players. We aspire to be a strictly non-toxic gaming culture, therefore, fun is the ultimate goal, regardless of progression. Members of all skill levels are welcome provided they abide by the rules. If you have 1-2 hours per day, and a few hours on weekends, then you’ll fit right in! We value your time, and we know that Lost Ark shouldn’t be your main focus in life. We occasionally do some PvP, but you don’t have to. We have weekly raids with discord signups and hope to hit up Valtan when we get enough members at ilevel. We strive to be social, and even if you just want to hang out sometime and chat, that’s cool too. If you’re shy no worries, as we have plenty of members on the introvert side of things as well but want to keep the guild an active and fun place to be. We also plan on running GvG content once it releases, and just have fun with it. We are a very chillax group of individuals from US, CA, and AUS and run predominately around MST time zone.

Fun Comes First As a guild, we put fun above all else. This means that we will balance a competitive spirit with a fun and safe atmosphere for all of our members. Prospective members should be like-minded and social, ready to group together to run content, communicate in Discord and in-game, and support each other as much as possible. On the scale of try-hard-ness we are between 5 and 8 out of 10! Active members of all skill levels are welcome provided they abide by the rules and commitments of the guild. If any of this sounds like where you want to be, then we would love to have you. You can apply by joining our discord.

Rules We ask everyone applying that they are applying with their T3 main character and we are their main guild. We have 3 alt guilds ready for all your alts to join as well. We expect all members to contribute to silver donations, guild research and guild weekly quests. We also would prefer if you try to make a social stance in our guild so we can put a personality to a character name in our guild and are not just strangers with the same guild name on our characters name.

Please join our Discord to apply! We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Lost Ark for a chill time.