[NA West - Enviska] - Where Mokoko - PvE/PvP

Where Mokoko is a new guild with a very active core group of players. We are friendly and helpful seeking players who are active and either currently in tier 2 or higher or 550ish ilvl. We can help with all abyss dungeons as we’ve run them many times, a few of us just hit ilvl 1325 so you know where we stand. We use discord for abyss dungeons just to help stay organized, this is mainly the only requirement we ask, just at least be willing to join to listen, don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. :blush: We do carry runs for each others alts etc. pm Arkumea if you’re interested or have any questions. We are on Enviska server NA west.

           - Everyone always asks where mokoko but never how's mokoko.

Hey, this guild sounds great for me, I have a main in tier 2 and an alt in tier 1, I can be on discord with a mic no problem. I’m looking to get my main into t3 as soon as possible.