NA WEST - MARI: Cannot connect to game with main character. Stuck character

I cannot connect to the game with my character. I can play my other characters just fine. Please move my character. I have sent two support tickets and no resolution from Amazon. It has been over 18 hours…

North America West
Server: Mari
Name: Opec

Need assistance - Bump

Same here

North America West
Server: Mari
Name: Sachiho

Hello @Kupopoo, i hope you’re doing great.

We are currently investigating the issue with the server Mari.

If you already contact us via our support channels you can also submit the report on the bug section on the forums: Bugs and Localization Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

As for your request right now we don’t have the option to move your character.

Thank you for your understanding while we work to resolve this.

Have a nice day.

I saw a workaround in another form where a user had the same issue. Try getting someone to invite your stuck character to a party and then see if you’re able to log onto them. That seemed to fix it for some folks.

Its been happening since last night and you guys said the same exact thing can you please give an actual answer