[NA West / Mari] Casual guild looking for late night raiders

Guild Name: Blue Dream

Preferred Language: English

Server: NA West Mari

Hi. Blue Dream is a casual guild with players that are 25+ year old adults with jobs. We are active mostly in the evening and late night. The guild does organized events usually on the weekends, it is not a required thing in our casual guild.

We do argos & valtan regularly, usually on mondays for Vykas and weekend for argos and valtan. We also use discord and use it as our primary means of communication. We have plenty of space for you and your friends! We are looking for active players who want to play the game, hang out, eat, drink, smoke, and play the game together.

If you have any questions message me!!! Or apply in-game!

IGN: Hallux

Discord: Celph#8156

Guild: Blue Dream