[NA West - Mari] Chaos Papa - lvl 8 Guild

Region: NA West
Server: Mari
Language: English
Focus: PVE
Guild Level: lvl 8

Hi! Chaos Papa is looking for gamers who want to do endgame content in a fun, chill, and organized guild. We have one full static and a second static in the making. We are a guild full with experienced players from other MMO’s who have now made this MMO our full time game =). We have a discord where we communicate for raids or we just chill and talk. Our guild is soon to be lvl 8 with the lvl 4 Guild Shop incoming! We are looking for fun and committed gamers in the Mari server. If you are interested, we can’t wait to meet you =).

What Does Chaos Papa Offer For You?

  • Argos Statics
  • Daily Guardian Runs
  • Fun, chill, cool people
  • Anytime of the day help
  • Alt Guild/ Alt Runs
  • Active Discord For Event Info, Statics, Questions, and a place to talk.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Minimum ilvl 1370+
  • Active
  • Willing to be in statics
  • Daily Donate/Weekly Tasks
  • Someone who is chill, cool, and wants to have fun (Not looking for Elitist types)
  • Discord

PM Kingavitz in game or on Discord - King Avitz#8762 if you would like to join the guild or have any questions. Thank you!




What are your typical static raid times/days?