NA West - Mari - Long Loading at 04:30AM Server Time

As the title states, long loading times at 04:30 AM server time on NA West Mari. Load times impacting everything from switching characters, switching zones, and even receiving email (e.g. login reward claims).

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As well as buying anything from the shop. There is lag in almost everything you do. It’s been like this going on for three days. I only log on to do dailies and even then it’s unbearable.

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Still going on

Posting on marketboard is around 30 second delay, also incoming mail takes about the same delay, more than before, frustrating part is i seem to be one of the only people in my friend group experiencing this, and a lot of them are much further from the data center than I am. Not looking good :expressionless:

So just ran two guardian raids via matchmaking, loaded in 60-90 seconds after members from Shandi and Enviska on both runs. On the second run, another member of Mari loaded in at the same time as me, so it does appear to be server specific not Region wide.

5 hours later and this is still an issue. If anything, it’s getting worse. Any chance of AGS at least acknowledging the issue?

I’ve been having these issues as well for the past few days and not once have I seen any acknowledgment of the issue.

Yup long load times on Mari are back and its bad

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It’s been like this since yesterday and they still haven’t resolved this issue?? I only play 2-3 hours a day and now i spend most of it waiting on long queues. smh.

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