NA West - Mari - Majestic - Lv9

A dedicated raiding group looking for more people to create statics with. Active discord community.
Not asking for much else, use discord, join the spreadsheet in discord to get a group assigned.

What we offer

  • Great research progression
  • Great friendly community, that wants to push and suffer through failures :^)
  • Really relaxed besides wanting to have a group for raiding.
  • Quests are Cube/Boss Rush/Geniah

What we want

  • People looking to find a group
  • People who are willing to persist
  • Non-toxic! We all need to learn and have fun :slight_smile:
  • Just help push the research we ask.

Message me on Discord: Abyssious#6969
or in game Katashi

Do note, discord is mandatory. Thank you.

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Interested, added in discord. 1342 GL

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Hi, added on discord. Looking for a guild with about 7-10 spots for all t3 characters