[NA WEST - Mari] Pantheon lvl 19 Guild Recruitment

Guild Name: Pantheon – Level 19

Server: NA West (Mari)

Language: English

Pantheon is a guild that is looking for active players that are interested/focused on guild/group content. We have implemented a organized weekly schedule that allows you to sign up or create your own raids for Kakul, Brelzasha and etc.

Pantheon is a PvE guild. We are looking for mains but we have an Alt guild as well. We are a welcoming guild who enjoys progressing while having fun.

:one: Active players, that will donate to the guild every daily login
:two: Discord is a must
:three: Respect the rules and all the members! & Be PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) We are looking for friendly and non-toxic players!
:four: We have schedule sign-ups that you can participate in if you need to join a static :slightly_smiling_face:
:five: To focus on having fun and helping each other along the way.
:six: Time frame of activity, most of our players are active between 7 PM - 2 AM PST but it can definitely vary.
:seven: Players that are 1490+ but exceptions can be made.

If you have any questions or if you are interested, dm me :slightly_smiling_face:



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hi there. i belong to a small guild of 5 people looking for a new home. came across your post and would like to see if we could be a good fit. we’re mainly looking for a friendly guild to grow with and play more with. we’re very anti-toxicity. 3 of us are 1460+ and have cleared vykas-normal and hoping to start getting into vykas-hard soon. the other 2 are ~ 1400 and slowly catching up. we’re old friends who used to raid in wow many years back. now we’re older and some with kids. As such, we try to raid on 2+ weekdays since it’s hard to commit weekends which we generally reserve for family or social events. we play on weekends too but non-committal.

our main roster is currently:

  • 1470 bard, 1460 paly, 1460 shadowhunter, 1410 gunlancer, 1380 wardancer

we’re all based in SF or LA so PT time works best for us.

not sure if this could work with your guild goals, but perhaps we can chat more if you think it could be a decent match.

Hi Genzo,

Sorry for the late reply but yeah it would be awesome if you guys could join our guild :D. We have a friendly group of people who wants to play together and aren’t toxic for content (we play and learn together). If you are interested and still available in joining us then we would love to have you :slight_smile: DM me your discord and I will send you guys our guild discord.

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