NA West-Mari, PvE progression guild recruiting!

Guild Name: Ember
Server: NA West- Mari
Guild Level: 16
Language: English
Content: Semi-Hardcore PvE with groups of progression raids
Time Zone- Pst/Est

Guild Description:
Ember is focused on accomplishing High End PvE content with the added bonus of tackling Guild events and PvP. We’re looking for more T3+ players to keep up Abyssal’s, Raids, and Guardians while also helping our lower tier players reach end game content. We want players that enjoy being in voice and making friends through Lost Ark as a whole.


  • 18+
  • ilvl 1415 or higher
  • Contribution to the guild
    -Speak English
    -Voice/ Interacting with other members of the guild through voice/text

Guild Features:
-Weekly Argos and oreha carry’s
-weekly valtan normal and hard mode (we have Lots of supports)
-Will have weekly Vykas Normal and hard runs

  • Guild Shop: Level 5
    -P3 Argos carries for guild mates
    -2 Main guilds ~Level 16/ 2-3 Alt guilds Level ~8+

Joining route: Select the applicant role in our discord server->
Simply follow the discord link to la-recruitment and input an application and an officer will get you taken care of. Assign yourself the proper roles and such as soon as you join.


Looking for dps mains! We have 16+ in guild 1460 supports!

Looking for DPS!



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Local supports need your big DPS!

Fucking Bump Slave

bump. Guild lvl 18, nearly lvl 19.