[NA West - Mari] Regime (Level 9)

Guild Name: Regime
Region: NA West
Server: Mari
Focus: Highly Active/Endgame PvE/Ranked PvP & GvG

Coming from a dominate #1 spot on the server Camelot for New World, Regime has branched into Lost Ark. We are currently a level 10 guild (going on 11) that is highly active in progression in both PvP and PvE. We currently have multiple members in T3, with alts in T3 as well. Currently we are looking to expand our playerbase to improve the endgame experience for our members. Despite being competitive and active, we have an extremely friendly attitude to get people up to speed!

What We Are Looking For:
-We are recruiting only highly active players age +18
-Highly active on discord and voice chat a must! We have a great community and would love for you to participate.
-Daily guild donation/participation (Silver/Gold/Research/Weekly Tasks),
-Support main applicants ilvl 1200+; DPS main applicants ilvl 1300+ (If you don’t meet these requirements, still feel free to join up and we can chat).

If you are interested in joining the guild join up on our discord for more information!

Bumping! 3-4 great players have joined already. Happy to have you.


So far have got 6 great players. Pushing level 7 here soon. Come get in on this!

Will be doing endgame content as a guild this next week and the weeks after. Lots of 1300+ players to get this content done! You don’t want to miss out, get in here!


My friend and I who are active daily are looking for a guild to join on Mari. We are both just under lv600. Willing to learn and improve. We both use discord to play.

Love to hear more about you all. We are in our own guild atm so it would be 24hours before we could join however we could send our Alts in if we are accepted until our mains are ready to join

Kind regards

Hey there, thanks for reaching out!

Currently we are have a list of 1000+ ilevel players waiting as spots open up/guild levels up. I’m sure both of you would be a great addition to the guild, however 600 is just a little too low for the current state of where we are at. I’m trying to provide the guild with players of the same Tier to increase the number of people others can group with for current content. Level up a bit more, and when you get closer to that number I’m sure we can work you in!

Cruising through the guild levels, great group of people so far. Looking forward to all new applicants.