NA-West-Mari Salt Kingdom Recruiting

Guild: Salt Kingdom
Region: NA West
Server: Mari
Language: English

About us:
We come from many different MMOs both causal and hardcore. Our community has members that still actively play anything from WoW classic and retail, to Guildwars 2, New World, and even RuneScape. We get gaming is a lifestyle and/or a hobby - but the best of times in MMO’s are better spent in the social aspects of a community and a guild.

Who we are as a Guild and Gaming Community:

  • Guild driven scheduled PvE activities weekly!
  • Active members within reason (we all have lives we get it!)
  • Mature 18+ adults
  • Sarcasm is our middle name

We are currently looking for more players to fill out our roster. Most of our mains are 1385+ with some pushing to 1415. We are in need of 2 supports and some dps to fill other groups. Our prime time for events is Saturday-Tuesday starting at 8pm. If you are interested in being apart of our community or even just wanting to have a static please reach out to me on discord @Dkarsinist#4376.