🇺🇸 [NA West - Mari] <Solitude> - Lv 16 - PvE - Recruiting for Clown Statics - Vacancies on our Valtan: Hell static and one of our Vykas: HM statics

Join us if any of the following applies to you:

  • You want to get weekly lockouts done at the same time and with the same enjoyable people every week
  • You want your guild to be more than just another mechanic that provides honing mats
  • You’re tired of pugging everything or relying on whatever hectic, loosely organized signups your current guild is doing
  • You want a guild with some solid organization and structure
  • You’re ok moving a little slower on progression if it means keeping a good, steady thing going
  • You want an active Discord where people share news, knowledge, and tips, as well as some occasionally lively banter or dank memes

Technical Details

Here’s the technical stuff:

Server Mari - NA West
Language English
Mentality Semi-hardcore
Guild Level 16
Guild Shop Level 5

These are our rosters, currently:

Roster/Content            Type          Schedule
🤡 Clown 1 Static TBD
🤡 Clown 2 Static TBD
🤡 Clown 3 Static TBD
🤡 Clown 4 Static vacancy TBD
🔥 Valtan: Hell Mode Static vacancy Thursdays @ 7:00pm PT
💨 Windswept
  • Vykas: HM (cleared)
  • Valtan: HM (cleared)
Static vacancy
  • Wednesdays @ 7:00pm PT
  • Thursday @ 7:00pm PT
  • Saturdays @ 7:00pm PT
  • 🎃 Nightmare
    • Vykas: HM (cleared)
  • Fridays @ 9:00pm PT
  • Saturdays @ 9:00pm PT
  • Sundays @ 9:00pm PT
  • 🪓 Valtan: Hard In-house Pickup Fridays @ 7:30pm PT
    👹 Raid Match In-house Pickup Sundays @ 7:30pm PT
    ⚔️ Siege In-house Pickup Sundays @ 8:15pm PT
    💋 Vykas: Normal In-house Pickup Mondays @ 9:30pm PT

    Times which have been striked indicate timeslots used during progression only and which are no longer necessary; however, these will likely be used during future progression.

    See our most up to date rosters here.

    1. Read our charter
    2. If we seem like a good fit, apply:



    Been here for 2 weeks now and it’s been an great time with even better people. What more can you have to ask for? Come join us :smiley:

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    Thanks @Chasini. You kick ass!

    Joined Solitude almost a week ago, no regrets at all. My guild was dying slowly ran across these guys and gals on reddit had a brief intro (trial basis) everyone was relaxed and willing to party up. Making this pugging game feel like a true MMO. Also the organization is great as well! Get in here and have some fun.

    Thanks @Tip1! You’re a great addition. Need more like you!

    Hi, do we have stack for valtan HM yet?

    No hard mode roster yet. We will likely start forming that in a couple weeks as members from the normal roster start reaching 1445.

    We’ll be starting to form our Valtan Hard Mode roster in the coming reset!

    Valtan Hard Mode roster will run this reset and we are starting planning for our 1460 Vykas Hard Mode roster. Come join us!

    What you do for weekly task? All i need to know

    Depends on what options the game gives us each reset, but generally always pick the easiest things to complete or things that don’t require members to go too far out of their way.

    We reroll tasks trying to get 3x A-Tier tasks from this rough tier list, at the start of each reset, but sometimes we roll with a B-Tier. C-Tiers hard avoid:

    Task Tier
    Collect Gienah’s Coins A
    Conquer Hazardous Waters A
    Conquer Boss Rush A
    Warped Dimensions, Secrets of the Cube A
    Try Team Deathmatch B
    Try Excavating B
    Try Fishing B
    Try Foraging B
    Try Hunting B
    Try Logging B
    Try Mining B
    Reach Co-op Bonus levels in Platinum Field C
    Capture Buoys C
    Flotsam C
    Try Co-op Battle C

    Great guild! I made a lot of great new friends in this guild to play with. Makes the game a lot more enjoyable to do content with other’s when it’s possible. Everyone is friendly and willing to help out with pretty much anything.


    Thanks @Ralversity! We appreciate your kind words and your contributions! Let’s get Vykas Hard Mode soon.

    I’m so glad I was able to experience Valtan week one with an awesome guild. Really looking forward to Vykas hard mode when it releases!

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    @AddledToast you kick ass.

    Vykas: Hard :jack_o_lantern: Nightmare is still recruiting 1x DPS for static raiding.

    Raid times are Fri/Sat/Sun 9pm (PST/Server) onwards.

    Drop us an application if you’re interested!

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    We are considering support applications for our 🎃 Nightmare roster which cleared Vykas: Hard Mode this reset! If you want to be a part of a kick ass roster and a stellar guild, hit us up as we start to look towards Valtan: Inferno mode and Kakul Saydon!

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    Been here awhile now amazing group including the newer guys. HM statics are killing it! Glad i joined up here still.

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