[NA - WEST Mari] Surreal - Level 9 guild looking for members

Guild Level: 9

Current Bloodstone Distribution: 70% guild / 30% player (changes when needed)

What we’re looking for in a Surreal member:
Surreal is looking for main characters only. We would like to have an active group of members in-game, as well as on discord. Ideally, we would like the guild to not only be a place to farm up some bloodstone and participate in guild events but, a place to create some new friendships as well. We want to be able to help and be helped by one another while we all progress through the game. We understand that we also have lives outside of Lost Ark but, also want to reach high levels of play. Surreal has no iLvl requirements, we just hope we can all reach the highest tiers eventually. If you need a little more information before deciding, you can either ask here or message Pewchu in-game.