✨ [NA West - Mari] Team Gosu Lv.13 // Looking for 1445+ players

 TeamGosu Basic Information
  • PvX
  • Server: :us_outlying_islands: Mari (US-West)
  • Language: English
  • Guild Level Lv 13
  • Guild Shop Lv 5

Are you still looking for a static group?
Valtan Vykas?
You have played alone?

Team Gosu is welcoming Heavy and Hardcore players who want to go Kayangel and Brelshaza in the future, End games

➤ Above LV. 1445+ players
➤ Every Sunday(PST) Guild raid, then GvG :sparkles:
➤ Weekly Contribution 250

  • It’s easy Our guild quests are only Boss rush, Cube, and Hazardous water.

I know this is just an annoying thing but it’s just simple questions
Artboard 6 copy 4
Click the APPLY button and answer some simple questions.

Discord: Gosu(고수) :sparkles:
I set our discord well. not like my writing skill. but you need a code to join
(you will get the code later)
Free free to ask

Still recruiting?

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Yes! Always!

cool im usually free sunday and monday evenings. Just joined discord too.
Main is 1460 dps but once punika pass comes ill be using it on a paladin as my alt

Could you send an application ? :slight_smile:

I did

I have tried to add you Discord but it seems like you accidentally blocked me lol