[NA West - Mari]Ten Ply recruiting ilvl 1300+ active players[Social/Raiding/PvX]

Formed from a group of good friends, Ten Ply consists of fun loving mature gamers who love to tease one another and enjoy completing end game content.

Guild Expectations:

Ten Ply is a semi-casual close knit team of players that are looking to grow into end game raid content.

We promote a healthy, fun loving social community. Our veterans are happy to help you grow with helpful advice for your roster. We also ensure that our environment is safe and non-toxic. We believe in the principle of fun!

New players as well as veterans are encouraged to come join us.

Daily guild party content for Guardians/Cubes/Boss Rushes/Abyssal Dungeons. Our goal is to move into Argos 8 man(and beyond) ASAP @ 6pm WED/FRI/SUN. Forming more static groups as need arises.

Player expectations:

Active ilvl 1302+ players. LF Players who prefer to do content as a guild.

Min. 100 guild contribution every week.

Use & speak English in Discord with respectful and mature behavior.

Contact Night#3403 with any questions

Ten Ply Discord Server: Ten Ply

If you’re looking for a home/community that collectively want to learn end game content in a familiar environment, come check us out.