NA West marketplace is crashing due to bots AGAIN

Entire NA west region had marketplace not work properly for months, and then recently since last bot ban wave, we finally had a working marketplace. That is, until this last maint, bots started overflowing Enviska (very small server) before that mostly Mari and Valtan were infested with bots, now even smaller regions are being hit and our marketplace stopped working properly again.

To other players who don’t know about it, when you try using marketplace, whatever you search is not displayed, you just get an error message that says “Too many adventures are trying to use the marketplace”. You basically have to search for it multiple times and pray that system accepts one of your requests. God forbid if you had to list through pages like with accessories/gems etc.

There NEEEEEEEEEEEDS to be another huge ban wave, unless smilegate and amazon want this entire region to become a ghost town in the near future. Ban waves don’t are not a permanent solution, more like a temporal patch BUT IT WORKS. Players have to wait though 10k queues at 5am and marketplace doesn’t work for anyone, don’t you think it’s time to do it now?

This is me trying to look up ANY gem

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Hello HisoYo, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Game Feedback” section to the English one.


man that was crazy… i think cuz bot feature using ah for transfering their gold to main, that why the auction got a lot of transaction. if you got it to trusted status they need to spent 5$ for every single bot and also if you ban them fast they need to spent 5$ again.

Over here in Shandi too. Auction House is not functioning at all.

We need REAL solutions. Like PERMANENTLY banning RMT buyers. In countless posts, the community has shown the ridiculous transactions taking place in Auction House. We are not oblivious.

Without the RMT buyers, there will be no reason for bots. Because there are no gold orders from customers because they all were banned.
Logical solutions here.


Thanks for moving the thread but what about the issue? We can’t use auction house in the entire region!

Problems still exist. No updates.

*They’ve banned the mail. Why not ban them from using the auction house

wish i could transfer regions as easy as you guys can transfer threads

We are all still waiting for proof of RMT buyers being permanently banned or receiving a negative gold balance.

#PermaBanRMT #DoBetter

Temporarily we have no bot queue in Shandi but we still cant access the AH properly.

That’s because queue is there there they just artificially disabled it, and limited channels in the game so that servers don’t become unstable and crash. Nothing was fixed.

Yeah market is still not accessible in Shandi. I can only imagine other servers are also facing the same problem. So i am bumping this up.

Market Place service is so buggy right now, I have to refresh 5-6 times sometimes.

It gets very annoying trying to search or list anything.

Bump. Searching for the correct relic jewelry is a pain right now.

Another Morning, Another Queue.