So apparently, we have been plagued by the army for 2 months now and no matter what ags does it still keeps on getting worse.

I have made a new character in na east just to avoid this sh% hole that is called na worst. And upon comparison even with a slightly higher ping. Na east is way better than NA worst.

I didnt get one w0x9 g0x9 error in na east for days now where I always get it in na west once or twice a day.

The market in east is way more stable compared to the crypto market of na west where everything is so volatile.

There are less server desyncs or maybe no server desyncs in east.

Less toxic people in na east in matchmaking.

All the streamers are in east.>>>> botters take note of this. East is more popular

The pvp is more competetive in east.

So did amazon really abandon NA west to be the playground of the bots? I know they are doing steps but those arent enough as they have just stirred the hrnet’s nest and now they are botting 24/7 instead of 12 hrs a day before the patch.(24 hour queue time baby)

To amazon Please give us a ticket to transfer out of this region

To the botters. Please try botting in other regions other than west. those are profitable too so we dont get this clusterf&*k here in west

Din’t read, i rate 3/10.

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I really do regret picking NA West. Wish I had listened and done NA East. Oh well. Maybe I’ll come back when it’s easy to catch up and I’ll just restart on NA East.