[NA West - Rohendel] lvl 15 Guild Beanis is recruiting! Progession Focused, Friendly, GvE and Legion Raids!

Guild Name: Beanis

Guild Level: 15

Server: Rohendel , NA West

Language: English, Memes

Why us? :thought_balloon:
:sparkles: We are a semi - casual, medium sized Guild with active players globally! We hope you join us as we look to expand our presence!
:sparkles: Level 5 Guild Shop
:sparkles: Weekly Raids! We are looking for more people to form statics for Legion Raids!
:sparkles: Friendly Community and active on Discord!
:sparkles: Primary Timezone is PST / Server Time
:sparkles: Statics for legion raids!
:sparkles: Sister guild for your alts
:sparkles: Here for a fun time !!!

Requirements :memo:
:white_check_mark: Preferably ilvl 1400+ Mains, but anyone is welcome!
:white_check_mark: Maturity - no drama, no toxicity etc.

If you would like to join us, please feel free to apply to the guild directly through the in-game guild tab!
Alternatively, you can contact me on discord at judi#0005 !
Or click here to join us in our discord server~

You may be ‘Beginner Friendly’ but I have not seen many beginners at 1400+.


Fair enough >< !! edited the title to reflect that