NA West Server list not showing

After being disconnected, I restarted the game and I can’t even select a server, no servers are showing in the list for NA West.

Delayed release
Multiple bugs and system crash
Extensive downtime, maintenance
Lack of/poor communication

It’s starting to look like amateurism, not just lack of leadership. I know the goal is to make money but look at Cyberpunk. All the mistakes they made killed any enthusiasm people had towards it. I sincerely hope you will look closely at those issues and focus on resolving this rather than releasing paid content like the Ark Pass, otherwise no one will be left to buy those off you.


Welcome to Lost Servers.

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hahaha good one

Tried to log in at 7:30am with a 4k queue. Queue gets to 16 an hour and a half later and then just drops the queue box and does not proceed to the game. Have to close the game only to come back on to another 3k queue.
I get there are issues and what not but how is this getting progressively worse as time goes on? Should the game not be getting better as supposed bugs are worked out?