[NA West] [Shandi] [PvX] Vichya Dominion [Level 5] is seeking active players

Vichya Dominion is a guild that has been created by a group of friends and we are seeking active players to fill up slots. We can accommodate players of any level or player experience (supports would be nice however:slight_smile:).

We are currently Guild Level 5 and are Guild Shop level 2. We are currently at 25/38 members, although, some spots can be freed up after clearing alt accounts. Silver donations and supporting the research (if it is going on) will be mandatory, however, donating gold or using honor banners will be voluntary. The Bloodstone distribution is currently at 50/50 but this can be changed to accommodate more players.

We currently have 3 players that are at 1370+ which a few more on the way in the coming days or the following week. In the guild, we can provide extra resources for those who are at the start of T3 as well as those who are in T1 + T2. We can also help with any guardian raids or abyssal dungeons.

If you are interested in the Guild, request in-game with the name Vichya Dominion or contact me in game at the name (Prosagun or contact me on discord at SHENMANS#4357). You may also join our discord Vichya Dominion. In the future, discord may be necessary for raids, however, you do not have to talk if you do not feel comfortable.