NA WEST VALTAN - Active Players - Statics - GvG

Server: Valtan
Style: Competitive
Current Guild Level: 13
Guild Shop Level: 5

Active guild looking for like minded people who want to enjoy all aspects of Lost Ark. We have an extensive history in most MMOs with a stable competitive core that has been together over 15 years through games such as Aion, Lineage 2, SWTOR, AAU, FFXIV. This guild is not for the casual player and would be best suited for people who can commit the minimum amount of hours necessary to be competitive. Must be T3 prefer 1400+. You don’t need to be a whale, tryhard, or heavy sweater - we are looking for people who have fun and want to improve. We are not looking for solo players who keep to themselves. Primetime starts after 8PM PST.

We provide:
:white_check_mark: A helpful community to play and theorycraft with
:white_check_mark: Access to Alt Guilds to help progress
:white_check_mark: Positive atmosphere with minimal salt
:white_check_mark: Stable guild that won’t disapear the next day
:white_check_mark: PvP Focused individuals
:white_check_mark: DKP System for future content
:white_check_mark: Weekly Inhouse 8man Abyssals/Premade for PvP Weekly/Carry Trading

We Ask:
:+1: Active Players both ingame and in Discord
:credit_card: Daily Guild Contribution and Weekly Quest (Must meet our weekly contribution goals)
:credit_card: Decent iLvl so that you can participate with everyone (T3)
:+1: Follow the rules, no drama, no politics, no scamming
:+1: Be helpful, dont whine

To apply, join the discord and PM me for more information. Currently Prefer an active T3 Bard
Due to limited guild space and growing interest we may have a waitlist depending on when you apply.

Still Recruiting Friendly Active Members