[NA West - Valtan] <Daylight> LF Raiders, Main toon, Disc

Daylight is a T3 level 10 guild operating in the PST timezone but EST friendly. We are looking for players interested in running raid content and joining our discord community. We run Argos every week and are looking for players interested in progging Valtan. We have a relaxed group of folks in our community who enjoy hanging out in discord in our downtime. This is a community of friends first knocking out everything Lost Ark has to offer.

We also have 2 alt guilds available for overflow and all of your alt needs.

We are open to DPS and support classes at this time!

We offer:

  • Level 10 guild with 3 weekly tasks and level 5 shop almost finished
  • Discord for voice in raids, active community, guides, and general chatting
  • Friendly community with a relaxed raiding environment
  • In house weekly events: raids and hard abyss
  • Alt levelling help with an alt guild community for your convenience


  • Main toon only for quick progression
  • Donations to guild and research to help grow our community
  • Stay active in game and in discord
  • Guild contribution 200% minimum every week, which is very casual


  • Gearing all members
  • Form statics for content starting in Valtan
  • GVE/GVP activities when available

Please feel free to join our discord to apply: