[NA West - Valtan] Devour - Level 15 Guild | Tinfoil Level 10 Guild

Guild Name: Devour
Guild Level: 15 | 10
Server: Valtan
Region: PST and OCE
Looking for people on anywhere from 6pm - 10am server time
Language: English

As the guild leader, I would like to hopefully have a solid group of people on daily, but I know that work and family don’t always allow. A lot of the core group works ~50hr weeks or are attending university, but we still go pretty hard, so I am understanding and super flexible with guild attendance. I am hoping for people that log on 4-5 days a week and to either join on their main or on one of their primary characters. Currently, I am aiming to turn Tinfoil into a learning party guild and have Devour help people find raids for Vykas HMs and Clown parties. Tinfoil has access to the Level 5 guild shop, and only needs the bloodstones to start the research at the moment.

We currently have a core of people that play regularly on weeknights and like to raid Friday-Sunday night. Core members have mains at or around 1460+ with many at Clown. Joining the Discord is also important to me because it makes planning so much easier (and I like the idea of a social guild). I personally am always in Discord when I am in game, so feel free to come chat!


  • I am not looking for people that just want to join to donate silver and not interact with the rest of the guild. It’s important to me to help meet my guild’s needs and we really want more people in the Discord.
  • Please, as little drama as possible. We all come here to unwind. Please civil, fun discussion. Share your enhancing wins and failures with us
  • Willing to learn and teach others mechanics if needed
  • Hoping for people who log 4ish days a week. (but daily would be nice)
  • Spots are running low, so I am adding 1460s+ to Devour and 1415+ to Tinfoil.

Guild Members’ Requests

  • Looking for people who want to run 1430 through 1475 Legion Raid content on their mains and alts throughout the week.

  • Looking for people that are interested in Valtan/Vykas learning parties as well as Valtan Inferno runs

  • Looking for more people who want to hang out in Discord :slight_smile:

DM me at HeyRayz#5400 on Discord for more information and feel free to outright apply in-game! Hope to see some of you soon. If you want to look around, here’s the Discord link: Loot Needed