[NA West - Valtan] Diva

Guild Name: Diva

Server: Valtan

Language: English

We are an all-inclusive casual/semi-hardcore PvX guild looking for friendly new and experienced players looking to just have fun and build a community with. Whether you enjoy taking your time enjoying the content while you level or you’re gearing up and prepping for raids, we welcome all :heart:

We are looking for people who:

Want to participate in guild or group content activities

:sparkles: Enjoy being social whether that is through guild chat or discord

:sparkles: Have a good attitude even when failing in content

:sparkles: Respect one another and don’t try to start/stir drama

To join the guild, please feel free to contact Clem#5217 or apply for our guild in game.

We currently have 14/30 guild members, and we would love to fill these spots with people who think they would be a good fit. Thank you for reading!