[NA - West] Valtan - Inheritance Recruiting

Inheritance is recruiting active players ranging from casual - hardcore mainly in NA/OCE. We are more than just a guild but a community. Our goals are to not only to participate in the end game content but have fun while doing it. All done with dailies? Come chill in comms whether its learning about the game or just friendly banter with your mates.

Inheritance requirements:
Donate to guild daily.
Aid in Research.
Complete Weekly Tasks.
Most importanly have fun.

As of now we do not have any set raid day, but has the guild grows and more people are able to participate we will have a schedule set.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, form groups and chat with your fellow guildmates. We are a friendly community.


My partner and I are looking for a friendly casual guild to join and play with, we are Perth based, if you have the space! Always do our daily donations and guild tasks :slight_smile: Im a 1364 bard and he has a couple of 1300+ classes

Please apply in game and we will get you added. Sorry for late reply I have been busy the last few days.