[NA WEST - Valtan] Legacy & Empire Recruiting HARDCORE players!

Guild Name: Legacy & Empire (2 Seperate Guilds both Equal)
Requierment ilvl: 1480 +

A little bit about us. we created Legacy & Empire 3 months prior to the release date for Lost Ark, a lot of us reached reached end game content on other regions, meaning ilvl 1500+, and we finally are happy with the NA release. all of us are fully committed into making sure we get #1 on GvE boss raids and GvG as well, wwhich we have so far in every single week

We run 2 guilds, Legacy & Empire and both are equally as Hardcore, We use the guild discord as a gate to make both guilds into 1 big community, that way we have a lot of awesome members to play with. Currently with over 110 members in both guilds combined which are Active daily, and all guild benefits maxed out!

Required for all applicants:
We are looking for for the most HARDCORE quality players to come join our guild, our goal is to make the best and the #1 guild in lost ark once the guild content gets released in NA, looking for people who are Extremely Active, and are fully committed to Lost Ark, if you are currently of ilvl 1480 or higher you can apply to either Legacy or Empire in game or DM me personally, if you are just a self-motivated individual who’s a very fast learner and who’s passion is to always thrive at very top and are committed in being one of the best players, as well as challenge yourself to your limits, then you are going to fit right in. We are also looking for non-toxic, friendly members to make this an enjoyable experience for everybody. if your mindset is to be the very best then please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will not be posting the guild discord invite in here, instead I want you to DM me on discord and we will see if you are a right fit to join the Guilds

Discord: Pablo Escobar#0439

Only looking for serious gamers who’s main goal is to stay committed to Lost Ark

We have a pretty big waitlist but take priority on people who will GvG with us

bumping thread

Requierment ilvl is now 1385 + APPLY now!

Requierment is now 1400 +

bumping, we leveled and got 2 more spots

Looking for dps? And what’s your play time requirements

yes dps atm is fine, currently we just require you to be active on a daily basis and ilvl 1400+


bumping again.