[NA WEST - Valtan] Nova Lv 16 - 1445lv avg [Semi-Hardcore, Raiding, GvG, Social]

Guild Recruitment
Name: :fleur_de_lis: Nova (Lv 1 5)
Server : NA-West, Valtan
Regions : OCE/NA
Goal : Semi-Hardcore Progression

We are a Semi-Hardcore Guild in which are seeking members who are more than an amateur player, players who are active, attentive and committed to strive to achieve higher. This means we strive to achieve a high guild standpoint compared to other guilds who are competitively similar without the need to spend money (P2W) or spending absurd amount of hours. Our community is Lost Ark focused, in which we offer a community based cultural approach where we listen to our community feedback and provide solutions based on player satisfaction and guild objectives.

:fleur_de_lis: What We Offer: :fleur_de_lis:
Some of offerings but not limited to:
:diamonds: Guild Shop Lv 5
:diamonds: High Bloodstone Rates
:diamonds: High Bloodstone Distribution
:diamonds: Consultations, Guides and Designated Helpers
:diamonds: Weekly Set Abyssal and Raids
:diamonds: Gold Raffles, Games and Social Events
:diamonds: GVG and GVE

:exclamation: Requirements::exclamation:
:white_check_mark: Mains
:white_check_mark: Discord and Voice activity ++
:white_check_mark: Weekly Contribution
:white_check_mark: iLvl 1415+
:white_check_mark: No more than 3+ days inactive, LOA Available

Those that wish to join us PM me or join our discord @ ⚜Nova⚜