NA West - Valtan OCE Guild

hey there, we are an OCE guild that goes by the name Light Zuljin currently with 29/34 members, 90% regularly active players (some in-actives work away). We currently have 5 members in T3, with 5 others not far off T3. Our guild level is 3 with the Level 2 guild shop and working our way towards further researches, our goal is level 6 with the Upgrade of Level 3 guild shop.
we are a friendly guild, that likes to help others progress through their tiers, whether it be running dungeons/abyssal raids, donating Mats to help you progress. Our discord is filled with guides and information to help aid in the honing/levelling process. All we ask (if you decide to choose our guild) is that you A. Join our Discord for easier communications when doing 8 man raids and B. regularly donating bloodstones and helping with weekly tasks to help level our guild…If you want to join, feel free to either message me or just request to join our guild :slight_smile:

can you add me on discord at Emyloo#3109