[NA West - Valtan] Orphanage - Recruiting Social T3 Players

Guild: Orphanage <Lv 10>

Server: Valtan

Language: English


  • Willing to learn
  • Active, Inactive for 5+ days means inquiry → kick
  • Must donate silver everyday, silver + gold eventually but not anytime soon
  • T3 Player
  • Discord
  • Social and be apart of the guild runs

About Us:

Orphanage is a softcore PvE guild focusing on end game raid content. We’re looking for social players to help build our guild community and be apart of our raiding cores so if you’re joining to be a lone player, this guild may not be for you. Right now we’re focused on Argos runs and preparing for Valtan.

We’re a NA guild with most of us in the PST time zone, but OCE players are gladly welcome as long as they’re active within our playing time. Our primary playing time is 5PM-12PM PST and free for all on weekends. Our guild runs are on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evenings. We’re looking for active players to tackle the end game raid content and we’re all working to get there together.

Discord is mandatory as we’re trying to create more Argos raiding cores within the guild and require communication.

PM me on discord if you’re interested.