[NA West - Valtan] Pretentious is recruiting

Hey there folks!

The guild, Pretentious, mostly comprises of my friends, but I hope to expand the guild so that people can do Abyss Dungeons and other end-game content with others that we enjoy playing with.

The age range of those in the guild is from mid 20’s to mid 30’s, however, it is not a problem if you are above or below that range. The only gear score requirement is that you are at least 340 ilvl. The majority of players in the guild are doing t1 content, with a few of us are in t2 content, and a couple are about to begin t3 content. If you do run some of the end game content with members of the guild, you may be asked to join a discord call.

I hope you all are enjoying the grind and I hope our paths cross. Best of luck to you!