NA West | Valtan | PVX Guild | [Club House]

Name of Guild: Club House

Guild GMs : Vivaci + Friends

Region: NA West Valtan

PVX Casual

Discord: Clubhouse Friends Club

About us: We are friends from Club House and want to enjoy the game as well as play raids together. We are all new players.

The environment is very friendly, most of the time we stream on our discord to help each other. We mostly talk in Mandarin, but all other languages are welcomed.

Great! When we actually have a server that functions, isnt under maintenance or has an insane que time, maybe you’ll get some intrest.

yup, we are having a headache yesterday to join on the same server…

We found that AG blocks and reopens the server around 6 hours round-robin time.

I don’t know why they select 9:30 pm to maintain…

Im about to go back to the RU servers. At least I didnt understand anyone, so I didnt have to listen to any of their auto response bull. Their ruining this real fast.

I think US servers will settle in a month, let’s see.

oh yeah??? 10k que lmao

It probably means this server will not lack players…


Boom down for maintenance again. Twice in one day means things all good?

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are you guys still recruiting?

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Yes I believe we will have some open slots this afternoon! Welcome to join pm me in game, @vivaci, I’ll be online this evening.


Hi! are you guys still recruiting?

Hi, Yes we are!

Our discord is now open: Clubhouse Friends Club