NA West - Valtan - PVX Guild- Rising Waifus

Guild Name: Rising Waifus
Server: Valtan
Guild Type: PvX
Yes the guild name is terrible, yes it’s cringe but ay, at least we funny n shit. Ngl i don’t have that much experience in the game, but, i didn’t make this guild to appeal to sweaty T15 master raiders, so yeah, it’s more of a casual guild.
Im aiming towards a friendly and Chill environment where i don’t have to be dealing with kids punching each other every 10 seconds over a raid mistake, so behave yourselves if you join the guild xoxoxox

The only requirement to join our guild is to have a god damn sense of humor, that’s it. And don’t forget to donate too ffs.
Rn we have 15 slots open, mostly for new players since we have just begun to play the game so feel free to join our discord and apply for the guild itself :heart:

Edit: We are AUS timezone but Muricans are free to join