NA West Valtan queue issue

the queue in NA West Valtan is more than 7k, can amazon/smilegate do something to reduce the queue time?

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Was 8k when I tried logging on. This needs Amazon/Smilegate attention ASAP. It’s looking like this will be a two hour queue time…

13k over on Mari

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Hello there @tesun and @jayzerker, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for reaching out regarding the current queues, as a player I know how frustrating it is to have to wait in queue to be able to play. Our team is aware of this and are working on a solution. I will make sure to share the feedback with our team as well!

I recommend you make a post here:

Making a post there will help out team get a scope of the issue and also provide more attention from our devs and the community!

Thank you for being patience and understanding!