NA West - Valtan - Sekushi Guild Recruiting

Hello :wave: all!

Please take your time reading this post to see if you would be a good fit for our guild.

Guild name: Sekushi [Guild level 5, Guild shop 2… almost there to 3]

This is the original So Sexy Clan,… name had to be altered due to game/name restrictions. This clan is for all you Sexy people :wink: or if you think your character is also Sekushi.

Server: Valtan NA West

Language: English [we also use Discord during party events]

We are looking for members in T3 content, preferably Valtan normal ready [1415]. 1370 characters are welcome too. Original founders are a group of high school friends, and friends of friends, now in their 30s that have jobs, and play during their free time. We typically plan for raids during the weekend.


We are looking for guild members that are kind and respectful. BM (bad manners) will not be tolerated in this clan.

Willing to help other guildmates or ask for help. Patient and willing to learn boss mechanics, even after 3+ boss wipes. Able to take criticism.

Must have voice-chat via discord during raids.

Feel free to dm if any questions or discord invite after we feel you are a good fit for our clan.

Thanks for looking!