[NA-WEST Valtan] Semi-HC Guild LF Members Lvl 17


We do all major content on WEEKENDS. Raids are set up to run Friday, Saturday or Sunday currently but we have plenty of people on at all hours of the day to help you with whatever you need. We strive to find knowledgeable and driven people to fill our ever increasing roster of amazing people. If you are looking for a guild of mature and experienced gamers look no further than Vengeance.

We have multiple static groups and available spots with new groups forming each week!


  • Discord is required. Discord is not just for events it helps build synergy with your guildmates
  • Item level 1415 (Currently, this is subject to change)
  • Daily guild contribution and weekly guild quests
  • Main characters only


  1. Let us know of an absence. We understand things come up, just communicate with us.
  2. Interpersonal drama is not tolerated
  3. Respect your guildmates

If you think our guild may be a good fit your you please reach out to any of the officers in discord listed below.



(type “Lost Ark, Looking to join” in the discord Welcome channel)

Multiple Normal and Hard Mode Groups running weekly

Normal and Hard Valtan groups running weekly. Join the discord and hit up Gildarts#6587 with any questions.

3rd hm group 2 open spots
Normal group 3 open spots

4th HM group forming, all spots open
2nd normal group forming, all spots open

5th static group forming for HM
3rd static group forming for normal

Join the discord and DM Gildarts for more info

We have raid spots open, join the discord and DM Gildarts for more info

New Normal Vykas group currently has spots open
New Hard Vykas group currently has spots open
New Hard Valtan group currently has spots open

Currently filled and organized raid groups, days and times.

Static spots are still open for a couple of groups



still recruiting


Need 1 for main static, Sundays @1pm.

Friday static group 2 has 1 perm. dps spot open
Friday static group 3 has 1 perm support spot open

DM me in discord for more info