[NA WEST - VALTAN] <Tetris> - Semi-Casual - English

Server: Valtan
Style: Semi-Casual
Current Guild Level: 5
Guild Shop Level: 2

Fun Semi-Casual guild looking for active members. We a group of friends to enjoy the game with other people. We are active and friendly. Looking to grow and learn together through future content. Most of us are Tier 3 1370+ but just asking for Tier 2 and donate when can. We also have a alt guild as well.

We provide:
:white_check_mark: A helpful community to play with
:white_check_mark: Access to Alt Guilds to help progress
:white_check_mark: Positive atmosphere with minimal salt
:white_check_mark: Stable guild that won’t disapear the next day

We Ask:
Active Players
Daily Guild Contribution and Weekly Quest
Decent iLvl so that you can participate with everyone
Follow the rules, no drama, no politics, no scamming
Be helpful, dont whine

To apply, join the discord and PM me for more information.