[NA-West Valtan | US based Guild] <Insomnia> | Level 6 | Seeking new members!

Can’t sleep? Neither can we, so come join us in playing Lost Ark together!

Seeking any and all active players of Valtan that want to bust out the content together.

Most of our active players are all 1340+ at this point (as the entire player base is probably lol)

We offer nothing out of the ordinary that any other guild might be able to offer as well, we just seek more people to play the game with (and maybe even other games to fill downtime when maintenance happens)

Come join us! No application required, can just join via the in game request system (auto join enabled) - If the guild is full, just message “Majeye” or “Crimsonsword” in game and we’ll find a way to get you in.

Click Discord to join our discord server!

Still seeking new members!

All classes welcome!

New players welcome too, if you have questions, we’ll be able to answer them.