[NA West - Valtan] Warrior Conquerors LV.7//looking for active players

Guild Name: Warrior Conquerors
Guild type : Casual / Semi Hardcore
Guild Level: 7 / Guild Shop 3
Server: Valtan
Language: English
Interests: PvX
About us:
Hello, we are a group of friends who met here on Lost ark. We are tackling all of the endgame content in Lost Ark and are looking to mature active members who can manage to play with us in groups.
Weekly we’re clearing and trying to improve on doing: We are working on getting more people to clear NM Valtan, Argos all phases, and growing to participate in GvG.
Our raid times are flexible based on who has commitments each week and will likely remain fluid until prog content releases.
Requirements for guild:
○ Be active on Discord and in Guild unless you have plans and life no pressure just communicate that to us… We understand that, Also don’t forget to contribute to the guild and do guild weeklys.
○ Don’t be a jerk, be respectful and be a team player.
○ Only accepting mains now no alts to park here so (Mains only now).
Looking for:
Active Mature players who can communicate and group together.
1100-1400 + Characters Ilevel are welcome here.